Natural Facelift: Buccal Facial Massage, The Inside-Out Facial

Natural Facelift: Buccal Facial Massage, The Inside-Out Facial

The Buccal Facial Massage

To walk you through the buccal facial, it is very similar to a lymphatic drainage, except this time it takes place on the face, and we work the skin inside out.

Our estheticians use medical-grade gloves to massage the inside of your mouth, putting focus on your nose and mouth muscles to help relieve any tension around the area, while targeting aging signs. This facial includes cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, buccal facial massage, and deep facial massages. We pair it with a hydrating jojoba oil and nourishing face masks that will leave your skin extremely hydrated and flowing at the end of the treatment.

It is a great experience, it gets you out of your comfort zone, allows your skin to benefit from the deep massages, helping reduce muscle tension & puffiness, and promoting blood circulation.

Benefits Of Buccal Facial Massage: 

  • Releases muscle tension 
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Promotes collagen production 
  • Helps temporarily decrease puffiness 
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage 

This facial is ideal for those looking to relax the lower area of the face, focusing on laugh lines, double chin, jaw tension, cheeks and neck. 

We truly are obsessed with the results from this buccal facial massage! The skin feels AMAZING, extremely relaxed, and glowing.

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