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We partnered up with Glow Skincare to create this glamorous limited edition Face Cupping Kit.

Our Face Cupping Kit includes a set of cups aimed to help you increase circulation, relax face muscles, and provide a natural face lift. 

The kit comes with a face map & quick guide inside a small pouch that is perfect for travel.

how we like to use it: Day or night, right after doing our full skincare routine. We apply a face oil to help the cups glide smoothly in an upward motion.  

what it does: boosts collagen, promotes blood circulation, targets early aging signs, de-stresses, helps relax face muscles. 

our habits: Pair it with your favorite face oil, we like to use Bliss Face Oil or Blossom Body Oil.  

*PRE-ORDER ONLY - Orders ship at the end of January

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