Skin Special - Gel Manicure and Regular Pedicure - Miami FL

Tuesday Special GEL MANI + REGULAR PEDI only for $49

Come try our Gel Manicure and Regular Pedicure at our Miami location, Habits Skin Lab. Keep your hands and feet clean + moisturized while you experience a relaxing treatment. We carry OPI polish for gel and Madame Glam for non-toxic gel options.

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Skin Special - Buccal Massage - Miami FL

Wednesday Special BUCCAL MASSAGE 10% OFF

At Habits Skin Lab, we are focused on improving your skincare journey, allowing you to experience a healthier and deeply nourished skin. Our Buccal Facial Massage is one of a kind. We naturally release tension on your mouth, jaw and cheekbones area with the use of deep massages. Results? an ultimate GLOW.

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