A caffeine-free herbal tea that provides endless health/beauty benefits from head to toe! Derived from Asia, this naturally blue tea has been used for centuries to increase overall wellness and vitality.*  this blend is refreshingly light with jasmine and stevia for a natural hint of sweetness!

Super Ingredients:

  • Butterfly Pea Flowers: This magic, naturally color-changing ingredient is full of beauty benefits and helps protect skin against aging stressors from the inside out*
  • Jasmine Tea: A well-known immune boosting tea, we love aromatic jasmine for all of its many health benefits*
  • Stevia Leaf: A healthy alternative to sugar, this zero-calorie addition gives our blend a lightly sweet aftertaste

30+ servings per bag.

how we like to use it: 

Place 1 teaspoon of our Teami Butterfly in a cup or your favorite tumbler and add hot water! Steep 5-10 minutes for maximum health/beauty benefits and flavor!

Add lemon juice for a sweet metabolism boost and watch this magical tea turn purple! Or add your desired amount of honey for the tea to turn a light pink! Check out our Youtube video on this page to see our favorite color-changing creations!

good for?: all.

what it does: delivers antioxidants to your body.  

our habits: pair it with Relax Tea Blend.