Sensitive Skin Bundle

$195 $197

Cleanser: Calming, cooling, pleasantly palliative cleanser: monolaurin, coconut oil + antioxidants. Great for sensitive skin, rosacea and dermatitis. 

Moisturizer: Gentle-yet-powerful active skin calmer, plus angry skin-quieting antioxidant. Rich yet pore-friendly, smoothing, relieving, ultra-moisturizing cream with intensively hydrating, soothing virgin coconut oil and glycerin.Daily comfort and relief.Keeps annoyed skin relaxed, soft and sound.

Face Oil: A clarifying, healing, and protective addition to your skincare ritual. By infusing our facial oil with a variety of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory botanicals, we have crafted a soothing product that decongests and treats inflammation while building up the health of your skin. Ideal for stressed, inflamed, and barrier-compromised skin types.

SPF: A totally invisible, weightless and scentless, CBD sunscreen. Get antioxidants, hydration and SPF all at once. Our formula is non-oily and fragrance free. It helps maintain healthy, glowing skin and is excellent for post procedure treatments. 

Face Mask: This gentle gel mask features hyaluronic acid and saccharides to nourish and hydrate dry and dehydrated skin. Our handcrafted rose extract and geranium hydrosol nurture healthy skin by fighting bacteria and inflammation, while arnica and goldenseal extracts heal and soothe.