our mission

Our team is everything. We have one of the most skilled and amazing estheticians in the Miami area. We are dedicated and work hard to expand our knowledge and skills and bring you treatments that are result-driven, high quality and gentle on your skin.

  • lola

    Founder of Habits Skin Lab & Co-Founder of Daily Habits. Specializes in Buccal, Face Cupping & Facial Massages to naturally bring the skin back to life. She brings holistic skincare to the next level.

  • andrea

    Skincare Specialist and Lead Esthetician. Focuses on Gua Sha, Face Cupping and Buccal Facial Massage Techniques. She is the queen of buccals and can help depuff the skin like no other.

  • angelica

    Skincare Specialist. Focuses on Facial Massages, Skin detox, Back Facials and Body care. She loves making people's skin glow. Her hands are like magic!

our space

Our skin lab is a hidden gem located in the heart of Miami "Calle 8". We run a small skin studio that allows us to get to know all our clients, keep track of their progress and give the ultimate self-care experience.

Fall into our habits and join our family.

  • Daisy F

    Honestly, 5-stars! This place, the vibe, the services, everything was amazing.

    The price is reasonable compared to other spas here in MIA. The location is super cute & easy to find.

    Andrea, thank you! I woke up today feeling 10x better from my buccal and glow facial, I feel like a new person. Will definitely make sure to come back!

  • Manuela Naranjo

    I LOVEEE this place! I am obsessed. I Made an appointment for a facial and was treated to the most relaxing and soothing facial I have ever had!

    Angelica is AMAZING!!! She ensures you are comfortable with everything she does and walks you through what to expect. My face was glowing when I left and I know I will most definitely be back! Angelica does everything great, waxing, brows and more! I highly recommend Angelica! The people are very nice, and sweet! Love it here!

  • Anna Blackstone

    I made my first visit to Habits Skin Lab this weekend for a Gua Sha Facial with Lola. It was a terrific experience. The ladies on the staff were very nice and the facilities are clean and calming. My facial was magical! I will be visiting again in the future for more services. The prices are reasonable and the products they use made my skin feel amazing. I highly recommend seeing them and booking a facial with Lola.